Withings Aura Alarm Clock: Wake-up Light and Sound system

A stylish wake-up light that wakes you with energising light and music, monitors your bedroom environment, and helps you fall-asleep. It wirelessly connects to the Internet to bring the world’s music and radios into your bedroom.

  • Wake-up energized with scientifically-designed blue light and music programs
  • Fall asleep thanks to specific sleep-inducing programs
  • Unlimited choice of music with your Spotify account( Premium subscription required) & 20,000+ web radio streams
  • Track room temperature, light & sound levels to identify what disturbs your sleep
  • Set wake-up time, manage programs & music from your Health Mate app (iOS & Android)

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Jump Start Your Day
Aura uses a progressive melatonin-inhibiting blue light to raise alertness for a smooth wake-up experience. Lights and sounds increase gradually to gently wake you up.
Fall Asleep Smoothly
Melatonin-producing red light and personalised playlists will help create the right atmosphere and promote the secretion of sleep hormones. Lights and sounds emitted will decrease gradually to lull you to sleep.
How Can Light Therapy Improve Your Sleep?
Light is able to synchronise the body clock to the 24-hour day and prepare your body for a new wake/sleep cycle, translating into quicker and better sleep.
Improve Your Sleep Environment
Sensors built into the Aura track room temperature, light and sound levels to help you identify the sources that disrupt your sleep.
Intuitive Touch Interface & More
Simple touch gestures launch sleep programs, turn off your morning alarm and control music volume and light brightness. More than just an alarm clock, Aura also has a built-in reading light and the ability to launch a nap program when you need extra Zzz’s.
Unlimited Music to Wake Up, Fall Asleep…or Dance to
Aura can play music from your Spotify account*, including specially-curated Wake-up and Sleep playlists, More of a radio person? Aura can stream over 20,000 web radio stations. * Premium Spotify account required