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Internet Of Things Outlook For 2017

iot outlook for 2017

What will be the key things to watch for in the world of IoT in 2017? Forbes has the answer…

For the internet of things, 2017 will be a year focused on deployment of actual systems. This year we stop laying groundwork and start seeing real systems that increase productivity, customer satisfaction and develop new revenue streams—with continued security, regulatory and standards concerns.

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The 10 Coolest IoT Products Of 2016

coolest iot products of 2016

From the Amazon AWS IoT Button to Google’s Android Things, CRN reveals the coolest Internet of Things products from 2016…

The last 12 months saw an array of cool new Internet of Things products in the consumer, enterprise and industrial segments. Here are the 10 coolest IoT products of the year.

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10 giant steps for the Internet of Things in 2016

10 giant steps for the Internet of Things in 2016

Rather than attempting to predict the trends in IoT for 2017, Scott Nelson at CIO looks back at 2016 to see what we’ve learned from events in the last year…

Looking back at events and developments in the Internet of Things in 2016 we find 10 “giant steps” forward in the development of the ecosystem and business experience using the IoT to create value. We have new insights from the mistakes of some and new opportunities revealed by the actions of others.

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The Amazon Way on IoT – 10 Principles for Every Leader

The Amazon Way on IoT

A new book, from author John Rossman and publisher Clyde Hill Publishing, explores how the Internet of Things is reshaping business, using lessons from Amazon…

Combine a hot technology and the world’s largest online retailer into a single book title and you’ve got a pretty appealing volume.

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Internet of Things Standards Groups Merge

IoT standards groups merge

The AllSeen Alliance and rival group Open Connectivity Foundation have announced a merger to speed up the adoption of connected devices. But key players Apple, Amazon and Google still remain out on their own.

The problem with three hyper-competitive holdouts is that none of them seem particularly interested in having their devices work well with the others’ ecosystem. The stated goal of the new OCF, on the other hand, is to ensure that most of the billions of devices out there can and will talk to each other when appropriate.

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Pets go hungry after IoT feeding app Petnet suffers server outage

IoT feeding app Petnet suffers server outage

Highlighting the dangers of relying on cloud-based IoT devices, Petnet’s smart pet feeder suffered an online outage this week leaving many pets unfed. The IBTimes reports.

The Internet of Things (IoT) may be touted as the next big thing in the technology industry, but these connected solutions designed to make our lives easier are still fraught with problems that could lead to some devastating results. Petnet, an internet-connected feeding app that periodically dispenses food for your pets, experienced a server outage on Wednesday (27 July) that left many pets hungry for hours.

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GE’s Internet of Things Platform to Run on Microsoft Azure

GE IoT to run on Microsoft Azure

GE’s Predix software platform, which enables industrial machines to connect to the “industrial internet,” will soon be moving to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, allowing users to analyse and share data using Microsoft applications. A big win for Microsoft in the battle for the best IoT cloud platform.

The partnership will allow Predix customers to access Microsoft Azure capabilities such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data visualization and integration with Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of online workplace productivity apps and other software.

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ARTIK Cloud App Connects Samsung Smart Watches to the Internet of Things

Artik Cloud Connects Samsung Smart Watches to IoT

Samsung have recently released an ARTIK Cloud app on the Google Play app store which will connect Samsung smart watches, like the Gear S2, to the IoT. The possibilities are huge…

the app will let you connect your device to the ARTIK cloud which also hosts a number of connected devices compatible with the Internet of Things ecosystem. These include Samsung’s SmartThings appliances like Smappee Home Energy Monitor, SmartThings Moisture Sensor and a Samsung Wireless Audio speaker

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