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12 Facts About the Internet of Things Every Investor Should Know

12 Facts About the Internet of Things

Not just for investors this one – 12 interesting facts that you may not already know about the Internet of Things…

The Internet of Things is one of those buzzwords you hear everywhere, but nobody ever bothers to explain what it is. The concept is expected to fuel a staggering $3 trillion market by 2020, just four short years from now.

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World’s first Internet of Things Bank – gives you an electric shock if you spend too much

We didn’t see this one coming. The folk at Intelligent Environments, developer of the world’s first ‘Emoji Passcode’, which allows customers to log into their financial services app using only emoji’s, now bring us the world’s first Internet of Things bank, to help you take control of your finances by connecting your bank account to your IoT devices…

Interact IoT, the first ever Internet of Things bank platform, launched today by Intelligent Environments. Smart devices such as Nest Thermostat and the Pavlok wearable device can now be connected to your bank account. Overspend and Pavlok will deliver an electric shock, while Nest Thermostat will automatically turn your heating down to save you £255 a year in bills

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