Cisco IoT System

Cisco IoT System

The Cisco IoT System is based around six technology elements, or pillars, which Cisco sees as critical to the success of the IoT. These are;

  • Network connectivity
  • Fog computing
  • Data analytics
  • Security – cyber and physical
  • Management and automation
  • Application platform

Cisco’s broad portfolio of IoT infrastructure technologies help businesses connect, manage, and control previously unconnected devices.

The Cisco® IoT System is a comprehensive set of products and technologies for creating IoT solutions from cloud to fog. Because it is based on a systems approach, the Cisco IoT System enables stronger security, lowers integration costs, and accelerates innovation. Its products and technologies are engineered for the manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, mining, and public sector industries. It is delivered across six technology pillars: Cisco Fog Computing; Network Connectivity; Physical and Cybersecurity; Data Analytics; Management and Automation; and Application Platform. – (The Cisco IoT System At-a-Glance)

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