AllSeen Alliance

In 2013, the Linux Foundation formed the AllSeen Alliance along with Qualcomm, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Sharp and others. The alliance is a cross-industry consortium dedicated to enabling the interoperability of billions of devices, services and apps that comprise the Internet of Things. Their mission is to enable industry standard interoperability between products and brands with an open source framework that drives intelligent experiences for the Internet of Things.

The initiative includes more than 200 member companies including leading consumer electronics manufacturers, home appliance makers, automotive companies, cloud providers, enterprise technology companies, innovative startups, chipset manufacturers, service providers, retailers and software developers.

AllJoyn Framework

AllJoyn is a framework created by the AllSeen Alliance – it’s an open source software framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and communicate with each other. The software has been and will continue to be openly available for developers to download, and runs on popular platforms such as Linux and Linux-based Android, iOS, and Windows, including many other lightweight real-time operating systems. AllJoyn Certification ensures interoperability across products and brands.

AllJoyn is one of the competing platforms in the smart home and the Internet of Things.


Members include Microsoft, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Qualcomm and Sharp.

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