Thread Group

Thread Group

In July 2014 Google Inc’s Nest Labs announced a working group with the companies Samsung, ARM Holdings, Freescale, Silicon Labs, Big Ass Fans and the lock company Yale. The Thread Group, is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the market education around the Thread networking protocol and certification of Thread products.

The Thread Group is not a traditional standards body that tries to solve all issues for all industries. However although Thread is a low bandwidth, IP-based networking protocol only, they say they will strive to reduce fragmentation in the industry. As such, Thread Group will work with other groups and alliances as necessary to ensure Thread continues to deliver on the promise of providing the very best way for manufacturers and consumers to connect products around the home.

In July 2016 the Thread Group announced a liaison agreement with the Open Connectivity Foundation to increase application connectivity and choice in the connected home.


Thread is an IP-based wireless networking protocol designed to support a wide variety of applications in the home: appliances, access control, climate control, energy management, lighting, safety, and security. With Thread, product developers and consumers can easily and securely connect more than 250 devices into a low-power, wireless mesh network.


Members include D-Link, HTC, LG, Logitech, Nest, Philips and Samsung.

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