Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

The Azure IoT Suite is a set of Microsoft Azure services that enable you to capture and analyse the data generated by your business – allowing you to build solutions to connect your services and devices to powerful analytics technology.

The suite acts as an abstraction layer by hiding the complexity involved in designing an IoT solution. Businesses can use Azure IoT Suite for asset management and remote monitoring scenarios. Behind the scenes, Microsoft will provision the required Azure resources across its compute, storage, and data services.

The Azure IoT Hub is the gateway for connecting devices to the cloud, it is Microsoft’s communications platform for cloud connected devices. The service uses AMQP and HTTP protocols for device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging.

Azure IoT Suite brings the Internet of your things to life. Connect your devices, analyse previously-untapped data, and integrate business systems—and transform your company when you uncover new business models and revenue streams.

At Microsoft, we believe IoT starts with your things, where “your things” are what matter most to your business. To help you get started or expand how you’re using IoT in your business today, we have a new set of cloud-based services built on the flexible and scalable Microsoft Cloud Platform. With the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite, you can monitor assets to improve efficiencies, drive operational performance to enable innovation, and employ advance data analytics to transform your company with new business models and revenue streams. – (Azure IoT Suite)

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