Xively by LogMeIn

Xively is an award winning enterprise IoT platform and application solution that simplifies building and running a connected business. It’s a platform devoted to simplifying the interconnection of devices and data with applications on the Internet of Things.

By providing necessary resources, it helps developers and builders easily create, prototype, build, pilot and deploy their Internet connected product.

Xively is a division of LogMeIn Inc (LOGM), a global, public company that is a leading provider of essential remote services. Organizations worldwide rely on LogMeIn’s suite of SaaS customer care, remote IT management, access and collaboration products. Xively is built on LogMeIn’s cloud platform Gravity, which handles over 255 million devices, users and customers across 7 datacenters worldwide.

Xively by LogMeIn offers an award-winning enterprise IoT platform and application solution for enterprises building connected products and services. Xively enables companies to securely and robustly connect their products, manage data from those connections, and engage more closely with their customers. – (About Xively)

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