GE Predix

GE Predix

General Electric’s Predix Cloud platform enables large organisations to create Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects. It is an operating system and software platform for building applications that connect to industrial assets.

Predix will help organisations in industries such as aviation, healthcare, energy and transportation deal with the vast amounts of data being generated as sensors are attached to everything from medical equipment to aircraft engines.

The platform collects and analyses data, and delivers real-time insights for optimising industrial infrastructure and operations.

GE expects Predix software to do for factories and plants what Apple’s iOS did for cell phones. The platform as a service (Paas) will support the development of apps that can use real-time operational data to provide insight for better and faster decision-making.

Predix is the software platform that powers the Industrial Internet. Based on GE’s unparalleled expertise in brilliant machines, Predix handles big data at an industrial scale and with industrial-strength security. Deployed on machines, onsite, or in the cloud, Predix drives the insights that transform and improve asset performance management (APM), operations, and business.

Amazon Web Services has typically dominated the infrastructure as a service market, and others such as Microsoft’s Azure have been targeting data-hungry IoT applications. But by targeting the manufacturing and industry sector, GE could carve out a strong niche as the “world’s first and only cloud solution designed specifically for industrial data and analytics”.

GE is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium which works to aid the development and use of industrial internet technologies.

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