What is it?

Insteon is a home automation protocol designed to bridge the gap between wired (AC powerline) and wireless protocols as it can use both. It’s also compatible with X10. Insteon use their own proprietary technology for communication employing a dual-mesh networking topology in which all devices are peers and each device independently transmits, receives, and repeats messages without requiring a master controller or special routing software. The Insteon hub, which connects to your router, enables you to control and monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi and also acts as a bridge to other platforms.

Insteon Products

Insteon has a large range of devices with over 200 products currently available. From lighting control to integrated security systems and leak sensors they add remote control and automation to all types of home control applications.

Insteon has also partnered with some of the leading accessory manufacturers and platforms, including the Works with Nest and Apple HomeKit programs.


One of the most complete solutions, it has a huge range of products and many integrations with other manufacturers via its hub. It’s also backwards compatible with X10 so any X10 modules and devices already owned can be integrated and easily controlled with the iOS or Android app or PC program. It is the only home control technology that uses both wireless and your home’s powerlines to create a robust network that can easily handle common household interference from microwaves and Wi-Fi or signal blockades like concrete, masonry or steel studs.


It’s a proprietary system so although it has an open source API, it’s not truly open (you still need an Insteon hub). It’s currently one of the leading and most established and robust platforms out there but the competition is hotting up – will it get pushed out of the limelight by the new boys on the block Apple and Google?

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