Belkin WeMo Smart Screw Fit LED Single Light Bulb

Designed for use with the WEMO LED Lighting Starter Kit (not included), WEMO Smart LED Bulbs replace traditional light bulbs in your home and are controlled through your home Wi-Fi network and mobile Internet.

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As an add-on to the WEMO LED Lighting Starter Kit, the WEMO Smart LED Bulb lets you control more of your home lighting using your smartphone or tablet. By incorporating additional bulbs in and around your home, you’ll be able to turn on your home’s kitchen light from the office, turn off an upstairs light from the garden, or schedule all the bulbs to turn on after dark. You can control all your bulbs as a group, or set different schedules for different bulbs.

  • WeMo LED Light Bulb is designed for use with the WeMo LED Lighting Starter Kit (not included) and works with the entire family of Belkin WeMo products.
  • Turn lights on, off or dim individually or as a group -from anywhere
  • Modular system. You can add additional WeMo LED Light Bulbs easily, any time
  • Bright, warm light similar to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • WeMo Smart LED Bulbs have a 23 year life expectancy