SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit

SAM Labs want inventors of all ages to discover what is possible when given the powers of engineering, electronics, coding and making in a way that is fun, easy to understand and powerful. Their mission is to give everyone the tools and skills to build and shape the future of the Internet of Things.

Designed in partnership with the London Science Museum, the best-selling SAM Inventor kit is the ideal tool for anyone to learn coding, science and engineering.

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Have you ever had an idea for an awesome gadget, interactive project or invention but you’ve been scared off by hours of soldering or tons of wires? The SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit means you can forget all of that, for good. With this kit you’ll find yourself instantly creating 5 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities and seamlessly connecting them to the Internet with no previous coding or electronics skills required and there are many more activities to discover online. This kit allows children as young as 7, teenagers and adults to start getting into electronics, understand the basics of coding and become the inventors of tomorrow.

  • Starter kit gets you learning STEM with 5 fun starter projects
  • Put your inventor hat on and make machines, interactive games and more in minutes
  • Learn coding, engineering and technology through play
  • Contains 1 DC Motor, 1 Buzzer, 1 Light Sensor and 1 Tilt Sensor
  • Includes one Micro-USB Charger and one Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle