tado° Smart Thermostat with Smartphone Control

The tado° Smart Thermostat automatically turns down your heating when the last person leaves home and begins to warm up again when it detects the first person returning.

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tado Smart Thermostat
The Smart Thermostat is the central element in your living space. Here you can see the current temperature and set or alter the set point temperature.

Mobile app
The mobile app tells the Smart Thermostat where you are, always displays the temperature at home and lets you change any settings from wherever you are.

The report gives you a detailed overview of the temperature at home and the heating times. You can find it on the mobile app and the web app.

Web app
You can also access your tado system and all settings by logging in at tado.com/login

tado works with almost all heating systems
It does not matter which type of heating you have or from which manufacturer – the tado Smart Thermostat works with almost all systems: combi, system and heat-only boilers, conventional and condensing boilers, zoned systems, hydronic and electric underfloor systems and heat pumps.

How is it set up in your home?

Do you have a wired thermostat?
Great – simply replace your old thermostat with the tado Smart Thermostat. Our online installation guide gives you detailed instructions on how to connect the wires to the tado Smart Thermostat based on your old thermostat’s wiring. Any type of thermostat can be replaced, whether digital, analogue or relay controlled.

You have no thermostat or yours is wireless?
No problem. In addition to the tado Smart Thermostat you will need the tado Extension Kit to connect to your heating. Just place the tado Smart Thermostat in the living room – because it’s battery powered it doesn’t need a power connection. The tado Extension Box will then be connected to your boiler via cable and placed next to it. The two devices are wirelessly connected.