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Now the Internet of Things goes Lego

vengit lego sbrick

Robotics made simple – Hungarian startup Vengit has developed a series of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled bricks called SBrick Plus, a brick that you can place into your LEGO® models so you can control them remotely using a smart device.

You can, for instance, design a robot that uses motors and proximity sensors to find its way through a maze, or a crane that loads or unloads a weight when a Lego wagon is close by.

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SAM Labs: IoT for kids (…and adults too)

We’ve been fans of the folk over at SAM Labs for some time now (we even bought ourselves the ‘Science Museum Inventor Kit’ for Christmas :). Their SAM kits (small, battery powered building blocks that talk to each other wirelessly via Bluetooth) allow anyone to learn about electronics and build their own smart inventions.

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Students tap Internet of Things

A new course on The Internet of Things at the Singapore Management University (SMU) is enabling students to conceive and develop practical IoT solutions to everyday real-world problems.

In the future, when Wi-Fi access becomes more pervasive, society may stand to benefit from the increased interconnectivity, with volunteer welfare organisations, for example, being able to track food distribution to needy families, or the visually handicapped being able to use an app to navigate their indoor surroundings.

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