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Hackers run riot as hotels and US police hit

Another bad week for IoT security as hackers find their way into a luxury hotel’s door-locking system and police cameras…

It was a week in which the fragile security of the internet of things ecosystem was exposed. Hackers found a way into Austrian hotel rooms, and infected Washington DC police cameras.

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O2 offers internet of things-backed motor insurance

Mobile network operator O2 has become the first mobile company in the UK to offer a car insurance product with the launch of O2 Drive, a service that uses the internet of things (IoT) technology to encourage responsible driving. The app uses data from their ‘Box on Board’ to score a driver after each journey, and give them help and tips on how to improve.

the O2 Drive product will include an optional telematics proposition, called Box on Board, to monitor any driver behaviour that may positively or negatively affect premiums.

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Internet of Things –

Internet of Things Infographic

A new infographic, and introduction to IoT, is one of the best we’ve seen – over on

In a nutshell, internet of things aims at achieving an advanced level of connectivity of systems, devices and services beyond the existing machine-to-machine connectivity and communication

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Bosch, Cisco and Foxconn join blockchain IoT consortium

internet of things blockchain initiative

In an effort to secure the Internet of Things and standardise how we identify, manage and communicate with internet-enabled devices through blockchain technology, a new industrial blockchain initiative has been launched…

We are excited to see leaders in the Blockchain and IoT space coming together from America, China, France, and Germany to develop a standard Blockchain IoT protocol. This is a positive step towards industry confidence, momentum, and interoperability.

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Why it Matters That the Internet of Things Appeals to Parents

Why the Internet of Things Appeals to Parents

The Internet of Things is set to impact many aspects of our daily lives, and it seems parenting is one area that could benefit…

For modern-day parents, rescue is arriving in the form of the internet of things (IoT), which is bringing useful solutions to the daily work of raising a child. From smart baby monitors to health tracking devices and in-home digital assistants that can field questions and conduct online research while both of your hands are busy changing a diaper, IoT is already reinventing how parents juggle their responsibilities.

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The Internet of Things wants to link all facets of our world

For those still unversed in the wonders of the Internet of Things this article over on the Science News for Students website is a great introduction and background to the subject.

The Internet of Things is the idea that ordinary objects can be turned into “smart” objects that measure and interact with their environments. A smart refrigerator keeps track of what’s inside. A smart lightbulb turns itself off when not in use. A smart toilet flushes itself and texts a user if it springs a leak or is about to overflow. These devices might communicate with users through their smartphones or home computer networks.

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British police and courts get ‘clued up’ about the Internet of Things

As more and more home devices are being connected to the Internet, detectives on both sides of the Atlantic are beginning to take advantage of the clues these IoT gadgets can sometimes provide.

It may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but evidence provided by household devices could soon be proving crucial to detectives working on criminal cases

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