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Hackers run riot as hotels and US police hit

Another bad week for IoT security as hackers find their way into a luxury hotel’s door-locking system and police cameras…

It was a week in which the fragile security of the internet of things ecosystem was exposed. Hackers found a way into Austrian hotel rooms, and infected Washington DC police cameras.

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Bosch, Cisco and Foxconn join blockchain IoT consortium

internet of things blockchain initiative

In an effort to secure the Internet of Things and standardise how we identify, manage and communicate with internet-enabled devices through blockchain technology, a new industrial blockchain initiative has been launched…

We are excited to see leaders in the Blockchain and IoT space coming together from America, China, France, and Germany to develop a standard Blockchain IoT protocol. This is a positive step towards industry confidence, momentum, and interoperability.

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British police and courts get ‘clued up’ about the Internet of Things

As more and more home devices are being connected to the Internet, detectives on both sides of the Atlantic are beginning to take advantage of the clues these IoT gadgets can sometimes provide.

It may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but evidence provided by household devices could soon be proving crucial to detectives working on criminal cases

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Amazon Alexa in hot-tub murder case

Amazon Echo

In a first of its kind investigation, it has recently been revealed that Amazon was served with a search warrant in a murder case in November 2015. Detectives wanted to learn what an Amazon Echo device in the home of the victim had potentially heard during the crime.

Investigators in the Victor Collins case argue that since an Amazon Echo is always listening, the device found on the home’s kitchen counter may have picked up conversations that could be crucial to cracking the case.

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10 giant steps for the Internet of Things in 2016

10 giant steps for the Internet of Things in 2016

Rather than attempting to predict the trends in IoT for 2017, Scott Nelson at CIO looks back at 2016 to see what we’ve learned from events in the last year…

Looking back at events and developments in the Internet of Things in 2016 we find 10 “giant steps” forward in the development of the ecosystem and business experience using the IoT to create value. We have new insights from the mistakes of some and new opportunities revealed by the actions of others.

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The 2016 Internet Of Things 50

CRN 2016 Internet Of Things 50

CRN has just released its 2016 Internet of Things 50 list – the list is divided into four main segments focusing on Hardware Vendors, Software and Services Vendors, Security Vendors and Industrial Solutions.

CRN took a close look at the vendors that are approaching the Internet of Things market in the best strategic ways, offering secure, efficient and reliable technologies, and looping in partners as part of their go-to-market sales strategies.

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12 Facts About the Internet of Things Every Investor Should Know

12 Facts About the Internet of Things

Not just for investors this one – 12 interesting facts that you may not already know about the Internet of Things…

The Internet of Things is one of those buzzwords you hear everywhere, but nobody ever bothers to explain what it is. The concept is expected to fuel a staggering $3 trillion market by 2020, just four short years from now.

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Securing the Internet of Things: Best Practices From the DHS

Securing the Internet of Things - Best Practices From the DHS

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently issued a set of (nonbinding) principles for securing the Internet of Things. But is it too little, too late?…

Put simply, the DHS wants companies to make IoT security a native part of the manufacturing process rather than an aftermarket add-on. They should approach securing the Internet of Things like they would secure their own IT resources.

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San Francisco Muni hit by ransomware attack

San Francisco Muni hit by ransomeware

San Francisco’s public transport system was hit by a hack attack on Saturday that allowed passengers to travel for free.

The attackers used a variant of the HDDCryptor malware to infect 2,112 computers on Friday, encrypting their data and preventing them from operating normally – holding them to ransom for 100 bitcoin (£58,514, $73,086).

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