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10 billion items of connected clothing… within 3 years

A partnership between Avery Dennison, a global leader in branding, labelling and RFID solutions, and Internet of Things platform EVRYTHNG could lead to 10 billion products in the apparel, accessories and footwear market being individually digitally connected within three years. Rachel Arthur explains.

Essentially our physical wares will come with digital applications accessible via our phones. We will indeed be able to find our shoes when we’ve lost them, but also do such things as figure out how to wash clothes properly, look for style tips on how to wear items, even search for how to buy a new version of the same piece.

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Brompton folding bikes joins the Internet of Things

A ‘hack day’ held with IoT platform company EVRYTHNG could see Brompton folding bikes joining the Internet of Things as the two companies explored together the possibilities of a connected bike. Joon Ian Wong over at digital news outlet Quartz tells us how it went.

application ideas included tracking air quality and other environmental information, so riders could gauge pollution on a route; an app that would send an emergency message if it detected a sudden impact to the bike; and a program that would automatically turn on a house’s lights and phone the owner if unwanted motion was detected.

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