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7 tips for securing the Internet of Things

Security is one of the major concerns in the rapid advancement of the Internet of Things. Chester Wisniewski at Naked Security offers his advice on how to stay safe. From standard advice about choosing good passwords, to some less obvious recommendations, these are all sound tips.

Can you join the IoT craze without having your devices turned against you? Here are 7 tips for protecting yourself…

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Internet of Things poses opportunities for cyber crime

IoT FBI Announcement

IoT security is now such a concern that the Federal Bureau of Investigation have issued a public service announcement on the opportunities for cyber crime that the IoT poses, on their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) website. It’s essential reading and offers a very good list of recommendations for staying safe.

As more businesses and homeowners use web-connected devices to enhance company efficiency or lifestyle conveniences, their connection to the Internet also increases the target space for malicious cyber actors. Similar to other computing devices, like computers or Smartphones, IoT devices also pose security risks to consumers. The FBI is warning companies and the general public to be aware of IoT vulnerabilities cybercriminals could exploit, and offers some tips on mitigating those cyber threats.

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