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The 10 Coolest IoT Products Of 2016

coolest iot products of 2016

From the Amazon AWS IoT Button to Google’s Android Things, CRN reveals the coolest Internet of Things products from 2016…

The last 12 months saw an array of cool new Internet of Things products in the consumer, enterprise and industrial segments. Here are the 10 coolest IoT products of the year.

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Amazon Alexa in hot-tub murder case

Amazon Echo

In a first of its kind investigation, it has recently been revealed that Amazon was served with a search warrant in a murder case in November 2015. Detectives wanted to learn what an Amazon Echo device in the home of the victim had potentially heard during the crime.

Investigators in the Victor Collins case argue that since an Amazon Echo is always listening, the device found on the home’s kitchen counter may have picked up conversations that could be crucial to cracking the case.

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Amazon Go means more than just job losses…

Amazon Go

Amazon is launching a real-world shop that allows customers to walk in, take what they want and walk out. No checkouts and no queues. The impact on jobs is inevitable, but the Guardian argues Amazon Go also changes the relationships between business and employee, governments and citizens.

This new model of shopping not only challenges established retailers, but it raises serious questions about the future of work and the changing nature of the economy more generally. Furthermore, it suggests the role of government will need to change, involving itself less with regulating business and more with redistributing wealth.

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The Amazon Way on IoT – 10 Principles for Every Leader

The Amazon Way on IoT

A new book, from author John Rossman and publisher Clyde Hill Publishing, explores how the Internet of Things is reshaping business, using lessons from Amazon…

Combine a hot technology and the world’s largest online retailer into a single book title and you’ve got a pretty appealing volume.

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Amazon Echo Dot: Your £50 Ticket to an Internet of Things That Actually Works

Amazon Echo Dot

James O Malley over at Gizmodo is keen on the new Amazon Echo Dot – in fact, it seems he can’t live without it…

If you’re thinking of having kids – don’t. Get an Echo instead. I now spend my days barking commands at Alexa, the virtual assistant – and generally speaking, she answers back without giving me any shit.

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A not so connected Internet of Things

Standardising IoT

Standardisation in the world of IoT is a long way off. Chris Stone at ReadWrite highlights the rules we must keep in mind as we get closer to a solution that connects all of our devices seamlessly.

Right now, there are roadblocks standing in the way of our devices communicating not just with us, but with each other. We need a new approach—one that overcomes challenges with both technology and corporate interest, letting users fully leverage the power of each of their connected devices.

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How British Gas is using the Internet of Things

british gas embraces iot

British Gas is changing the way it does business. From Hive, and it’s recent integration with the Amazon Echo, to Boiler IQ, the energy company is embracing IoT technology for the digital age.

We will continue developing our sensory capabilities, Boiler IQ, so the customers don’t have to actually call us. We want to be people friendly in terms of what we are doing. That is certainly going on in technology at the moment and will enable us to do what people want. Watch that space.

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Internet of Things Standards Groups Merge

IoT standards groups merge

The AllSeen Alliance and rival group Open Connectivity Foundation have announced a merger to speed up the adoption of connected devices. But key players Apple, Amazon and Google still remain out on their own.

The problem with three hyper-competitive holdouts is that none of them seem particularly interested in having their devices work well with the others’ ecosystem. The stated goal of the new OCF, on the other hand, is to ensure that most of the billions of devices out there can and will talk to each other when appropriate.

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Google launches new Assistant and puts it at heart of Home 

Google Home

Google have officially launched their new Home device in the US at the company’s hardware-announcing event this week. Home runs on Google’s new voice assistant, and is a direct rival to Amazon’s Echo smart speaker hub launched in the UK only last week.

Google’s advantage is that it has access to more information and voice data than anyone else through 18 years of searches and the advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence that powers it

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Amazon’s Echo speakers head to UK and Germany

Amazon Echo arrives in UK

The Amazon Echo, launched in the US in 2014, is finally coming to the UK. Amazon’s voice-activated home audio speaker system with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa Voice Service, arrives on September 28, but is available to pre-order now from BBC News takes a look…

The machines can answer questions, control other internet-connected devices, build shopping lists and link in to dozens of third-party services including Spotify, Uber and BBC News.

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